The Ultimate Wedding Videography Guide

An Inside Look at Your Wedding Day Events

The Ultimate Wedding Videography Guide

An Inside Look at Your Wedding Day Events

So you're getting married and looking for some guidance...

Don’t sweat it. You’re not alone. Most brides and grooms have tons of questions about their day, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when getting started. We’ve created this Ultimate Wedding Videographer Guide to shine a light on what we do on the day of the wedding and give you some tips and advice on making your day one to remember. We’d like to be your guide on this wedding journey, answer your questions and put your mind at ease about the day of the wedding. So treat yourself to a cup of coffee or a glass of rose and get a leg up on your wedding day. 

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Bride & Groom Prep

Some of our favorite moments of the wedding day happen right from the start when you and your fiance are getting dressed and ready. You can always feel the excitement and anticipation in the room, and we love the energy. We typically start with the bride and her bridesmaids and then move onto the gentlemen last. We will capture your makeup and hairstylist, your girls, and you sliding into your beautiful dress. 

Pro-Tip- We always recommend setting up your makeup station near a window or door that will let in natural light from outside. Inside lights can be harsh and give off unnatural colors and natural light is always your best option.

We always recommend brides look closely at their schedule and make sure they’ve booked enough time to allow us to get all these beautiful moments and details. Speaking of details, let’s talk about those next. We recommend asking one of your bridesmaids to collect your details and put them in a box so your videographer and photographer can capture those while you’re getting ready. These details can include: Rings, Garters, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Wedding Invites, Shoes, Jewelry and More. Having all these details together in one place allows your videographer and photographer to move seamlessly through the schedule and make more time to focus on you. 

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Wedding Vows & Letters

Our absolute favorite moments of the day come when the bride and groom share their vows or letters. It is often a very emotional time during the day, and we love incorporating those moments into your wedding video. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your vows in front of your wedding guests, you can always take a moment before the ceremony to do this with just the two of you. We’ll find a quiet, beautiful spot for you both to share those and capture that moment. Some tips for your letters and vows…

-Don’t be afraid to be emotional. It’s your wedding day, and you’ve earned the right to laugh, cry, and let your partner know you love them. You’ll be glad you did!

-If you mess up, keep going. This moment is only for you two, and you don’t have to worry about being perfect. 

-Read slowly and savor the moments. They go by so fast! 

Family Photos

During your family photo session, we typically allow the photographer to work with you and your family while we take that time to capture details, guests, and the venue. We don’t typically use shots of the family standing still in the video but instead, find ways to keep your video fresh and exciting. Usually, this happens before the ceremony, and we are also working on setting up our cameras for the big event. If you need us though, we’ll be close by and ready to help you however we can. 

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The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is by far the most important part of the day and we love getting to capture these. We always bring multiple cameras to ensure that we have video of both the bride and groom and the officiant delivering the sermon or message. We’ll also make sure to place a microphone on the officiant and groom to capture all the beautiful words that you will share. During the processional we’ll be shooting down the aisle to capture the bride (you) see her husband for the first time. Once you’ve made it down the aisle, we will clear out of the front and begin shooting from the sides and the middle of the aisle. We always make sure to be aware of the guests and never set up cameras or stand directly in front of anyone. When it comes time for the kiss, me and your photographer will be standing hip-to-hip, capture that magical moment, and follow you out down the aisle. Bonus points if we don’t trip while walking backwards down the aisle… 

Pro-Tip- If you are planning on having live music, readings, or anything else unique in the ceremony, please let us know before the wedding. We always do our best to capture everything that happens and love to have a heads up so we can make sure to have all the right tools.

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The Portrait Session

This is the time where the magic happens and we get to create those beautiful, timeless shots that you will love. We always arrive early to scout out the best possible locations for this part of the day so we can get right into it when the time comes. We typically work together with the photographer during this time and bounce back ideas and jump in when we can. We’ll ask you to wrap up, hug, kiss, walk, jump, and run… anything to get the perfect shot. You might think we’re crazy, but we’ve done this a time or two. We’ll overlay these shots in your film to add beautiful texture over the vows or ceremony portion. 

We will always give you a little bit of direction, but we love to capture candid moments, so we typically ask you questions, make you dance, or anything else that will get you laughing and having a great time. We want our couples to let loose and forget that we’re even there. That means we’ve done our job! 

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The Reception

Let’s dance! The reception is always a good time and this is where we get creative with your video. We love working with great DJ’s who know how to pump up a crowd and get everyone on the dance floor. We loving leaning into upbeat, energetic music in this portion of our videos and our couples always seem to enjoy the change of pace. 

Depending on your venue and location, we will bring lights to make sure our cameras can see in the dark. We always try and be as discreet as possible with our lighting and consider the comfort of your guest. Meaning we’ll make sure not to blast your great aunt Josephine in the face with our spotlight while she’s trying to eat dinner… We always like to check with the venue before the day of to see what kind of lighting is already available and what we can bring to supplement it. 

Cake cutting, first dances, flower tosses and so much more… These are some of the most popular reception traditions, and we will be right there with you to capture all of them. We recommend trying to space out these activities to keep guests engaged and entertained during the whole evening. Have your wedding planner or wedding party communicate with the DJ throughout the reception to know when these important moments will happen. Timing and music are everything! 

When you’re ready to leave, we encourage you to plan some kind of formal exit with sparklers, rice, flowers, roman candles, etc. Okay, maybe not roman candles, but that would be cool. These are our favorite ways to end your video and allows all your guests to participate in one last activity before you head out for the evening. You can also say goodbye, hug, kiss, and give everyone some love before you leave. 

ProTip – Your photographers and videographers may ask you to come down the line of people multiple times. This helps us get a great shot and have more than just a few pictures. If you’re not late for your flight to Cabo, consider doing this part a couple of times to help out your photo and video team. 

Congrats! You finished the guide!

If you made it this far, congratulations! You now have a sneak peek into what some of your wedding day will look like from the perspective of your photo and video team. We hope that this has given you a little bit of insight and set you at ease about your big day. 

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